TIG Welding Pipe and How to Stroll the Cup 101

TIG Welding Pipe and How to Stroll the Cup 101

Walking the cup is a basic, but pretty helpful way to TIG weld. It makes a really regular weld with a pretty uniform overall look. The cause at the rear of this is easy. The arc length and the pattern applied are nearly normally the same. Strolling the cup eliminates most handshakes and wobbles since the cup of the TIG torch is generally leaning on the metallic.

To start, you want to have an understanding of what type of products is made use of to TIG weld pipe in the subject and how it affects welding procedures. TIG welding pipe in the subject is largely done with air cooled torches, no significant frequency begins, and no foot pedals or controls to regulate the warmth! To start out the arc, you either bump start out the Tungsten, or swiftly flick your filler rod involving the Tungsten and pipe to get the arc going (just like putting a match). The second is managing your heat. As soon as the pipe heats up and the puddle will get fluid, you merely start relocating more quickly to retain up with the puddle. Which is about it! No extravagant or high priced gear, and in lots of conditions the TIG ability supply is just a Stick welder with a TIG torch additional on to it!

There are two means to stroll the cup. The to start with is wobbling the cup side to aspect like a weighty barrel becoming wobbled throughout a ground. The 2nd way is to ratchet the TIG torch cope with like you are tightening a bolt. The finish result concerning equally means is practically the same. A extremely uniform and dependable weld pattern!

Wobbling the cup is a minimal less complicated then ratcheting it! To wobble the cup just lean the TIG torch cup on the pipe and strike an arc. Following that just wobble the cup aspect to aspect like a barrel and continue to keep shifting ahead with it. When it arrives to adding filler wire most folks (together with myself) only lay the filler rod in front of the Tungsten and wander proper in excess of it.

Ratcheting the cup is a minimal more challenging to do but produces a superior weld. This is because the arc size is a lot more consistent. Ratcheting the cup is accomplished just like wobbling the cup but at the same time calls for a lot more skill. Once the arc is started out, start off turning the torch again and forth like a ratchet tightening a bolt. The trick to getting the cup to go ahead is to have a slight twitch of the wrist when reversing the movement. You need to have to establish a rhythm that has a regular twitch of the wrist at the finish of just about every turn. That is all there is to going for walks the cup besides it usually takes a good deal of apply to learn.