The Insanity Workout


Like Zumba and P90X workout, the Insanity workout has taken over the world of weight loss programs by storm, but is it right for you?

Before you decide to buy the program off the shelves, you need to first consider a few fundamental questions. Strength wise, are you are able to execute standard exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups comfortably? Cardio wise, can you run a mile comfortably? These, if you like, can be considered pre-requirements to meet the demands that the workout requires.

That said, the Insanity workout most definitely is the one program you’d want to be on, if you are looking for effective and time efficient ways to help with weight loss and lean muscle gain. It is not a bodybuilding program.

Your Fuel to Completing the Program

Fair warning, the Insanity workout is not your average workout for your weight loss program. Weight lost programs like this one is simply not for the faint-hearted or the mentally unprepared.

Commitment is your fuel to completing the program. A commitment is you saying to yourself that you have decided to take on the challenge and there is no turning back. Staying on track with the Insanity workout schedule is nothing less than a mental resolution to staying on track in the exercise and meal plans, for a period of 60 days. No excuses.

Commitment is your cornerstone to emerging victorious in the program. With commitment, you will naturally put in the effort. With effort, you will reap the rewards of weight loss and lean muscle gain.

What is the Insanity workout like?

The Insanity workout plans out exercises for six days of the week. In other words, you get to rest only on one day. That way, you will most definitely feel the compounding effects of working out day after day, which is the aim of the program. Each exercise workout lasts for about forty to sixty minutes. In the later part of the Insanity workout routines, there may be days when you will need to workout twice in a day. This is where even the mentally strong will be tested. The real incentive in the Insanity workout is that there is a team of folks doing the same program alongside you. Like you, they too will be sweating it out, and the rings of encouragements from Shaun T will only push you to give it your best shot.

The Insanity workout is a complete, all-round, type of weight loss program. Not only does it have an exercise plan, it also details out the diet plans you should follow. Specifically, the magic formula of the carbohydrates-protein-fat ratio is so key to getting you to the shape of your life. In any case, these elements are also necessary components for your daily needs, it is just a matter of understanding how you can tweak the proportion of their intake in your daily life to make so much difference in your life.

At the end of it all, the pay-offs for finishing off the 60-day challenge is incalculable. More than just a transformation of your outer physical body, you will see an inner transformation of the mind.

Take up the Insanity workout challenge today. Only if you dare.