Suit for Life: The Universe Doesn’t Treatment, Even on Unique Situations

Saturday, September 11, 2021


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This previous week I celebrated 53 journeys about the sunlight, and it appears that the past couple of yrs I haven’t been in the biggest affliction on my birthday. I Often start off a thirty day period prior, prepping to be “in the ideal condition of my life” when my working day comes, nevertheless, road blocks always derail that prepare.

Final yr I was bouncing again from a bout with Lyme sickness that put me in the hospital for a couple days in August. It took in excess of a thirty day period of treatment to get my balance back again and be ready to stroll straight again, so my situation wasn’t near to remaining peak, as I experienced planned.

This 12 months, I was on observe and am in wonderful physical form, nevertheless final Sunday I dropped a 15# dumbbell on my foot when cleaning the gym and broke a few of toes. So again, I am not performing at complete throttle as anticipated.

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The base line is that the universe doesn’t care what day or what time of the year it is, to provide us a shit sandwich. It will throw obstacles, setbacks, and adversity at us each time it feels like it. Even on specific occasions, birthdays, and vacations.

With that being explained, it is up to us to be prepared when anything comes about that wasn’t anticipated.

Now really don’t get me improper, I am not saying to wander about life Wanting for points to go completely wrong, I am just declaring that we will need to be ready when it does.

Of training course, we just can’t be well prepared for matters like Covid, and accidental mishaps, but psychologically we have to be ready to pivot and modify directions without having lacking a beat, since items will come about that will knock us off monitor every single working day.


We commonly have 2 possibilities when troubles occur.

    1.    We can make excuses, cry victim, play the blame activity, or,

    2.    We can buckle up the chin strap, roll up the sleeves, and deal with the predicament.


We want to be option-centered, and when you believe from that standpoint, and see things by way of the remedy lens, it makes it much easier to get in excess of obstructions.

I was scheduled to mentor the am exercise session the working day soon after I smashed my foot in the health club. I could have enable an additional coach do it, however, I determined to tape up the broken bones, wrap my foot, and produce an wonderful exercise session. I had the fantastic excuse to keep household, even so, that was not an selection for me for the reason that I was committed.

When you dedicate on your own to something, it is up to you to make it take place irrespective of the situations. “I am liable for every thing in my existence, and that gives me the electrical power and regulate to improve my circumstances” is a line from the creed we acquired in the Job, and I recite that and live by it just about every working day.

I interpret that line from the creed is declaring that regardless of our earlier, or current condition, we have manage of how we navigate our lives from the current into the upcoming. We have management and can alter our instances no matter of the situation we are in.


Really don’t glimpse back, only ahead.


I like to use the analogy: Look out the windshield as opposed to the rearview mirror because the windshield is even larger and you cannot transform what you just passed by, or what was in your previous. You can only manage the way you are relocating in and the velocity you are driving to get there.


This previous 7 days, I was reflecting with an old higher faculty buddy on the reminiscences of us currently being tough and tumble kids from the streets of Central Falls.

We talked about superior school soccer, and about all the fights we had been in and marveled at the reality that we designed it out, and are both equally somewhat productive and unscathed, irrespective of the environment we were brought up in.

Those people reminiscences will be there without end, nonetheless, it’s far more critical and productive to focus on what’s in front of you, and what you can develop into. 

Choose what you are ready to do to get there, what’s critical, and what’s your purpose in life.

This goes for your well being, fitness, livelihood, job, and whichever hobbies or earlier periods you want to do and be great at. It doesn’t matter what your past was, or what the conditions are now, it’s up to us to be option-based, and target on accomplishing our mission inspite of hurdles and adversity.


Keep in mind, the universe doesn’t treatment who you are, how much money you have, what time of the 12 months it is, or what specific event you are celebrating. It will often be making an attempt to throw curveballs and generate resistance for us, generating it tricky to complete what we set out to do.

It’s the exact same as likely to the fitness center. Every single time we go, we have to have to put ourselves to the check beneath resistance to get more robust and we need to do it constantly!!

So, use adversity and hurdles to get more powerful, channel your toughness, keep focused, and constantly push yourself to get “one additional rep” prior to you wander absent!!

Dedicated to your results,

A 12 months older Coach Matt 



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