<strong>Steps for the perfect gender reveal party</strong>
<strong>Steps for the perfect gender reveal party</strong>

If you search YouTube, you’ll come across a lot of parties where the couple discovers the gender of the baby on the way. The first step is to purchase a home DNA test kit with everything you need to find out about the gender of your baby. This test can be done as early as the 7th week of pregnancy and only requires a small blood sample from the mother. What the lab does is send you a kit with everything you need to take this blood sample and you can send it back to the lab for analysis. The DNA gender test results are usually available the day after the samples arrive at the lab, so it is a fairly quick procedure. Remember to define who will receive the results.

Organize the party as you wish

The couple can organize the shower without the need for them to know the gender of the baby. Usually, the colors blue and pink are used to identify whether the baby is male or female. However, some couples break with this routine and use other color combinations. The idea is to create a fun activity in which the couple can share with family and friends the joy of being parents. You can create original challenges with prizes to be awarded only to those who guess the baby’s gender. Don’t forget to save this moment for eternity. It is advisable to hire a professional video and photography service to record the entire activity from beginning to end. This way you can focus on knowing the gender of your baby.

Reveal the gender in an original way

The most expected part of the entire shower is when you find out if the baby will be a boy or a girl. This moment should be magical, amazing, and original. It should stay in the minds of all the people who attended the party for many years to come. To achieve this, creativity is important. On YouTube, you can come across several ideas. From cars that blow pink or blue smoke to entire buildings that change color according to the gender of the baby. Of course, the way you use to reveal your baby’s gender has to fit your budget. In case you need any special equipment, such as smoke machines or strobe lights, some companies rent them. Take the time to develop, together with your partner, a unique event to reveal the gender of your baby. Are you ready?