Kintsugi KeraNew Review: Is Kera New Nourishing Hair Complex Legit?

Kintsugi KeraNew is a nutritional supplement design to nourish and supports hair growth. By taking…

Kintsugi KeraNew is a nutritional supplement design to nourish and supports hair growth.

By taking two capsules of Kintsugi KeraNew daily, you can purportedly give hair the essential nutrients it needs. Kintsugi specifically claims the formula can help you enjoy fuller, healthier, and younger-looking hair.

Does Kintsugi KeraNew really work? How does KeraNew work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Kintsugi KeraNew.

What is Kintsugi KeraNew?

Kintsugi KeraNew is a nutritional supplement from Beverly Hills-based hair care company, Kintsugi. The nutritional supplement contains ingredients that nourish your hair from the inside out.

By taking KeraNew daily, you can purportedly combat the signs of aging by feeding your strands from the inside out. The formula uses active natural extracts and proteins to nourish your scalp and strengthen your strands, giving you fuller, healthier, younger-looking hair.

According to the KeraNew website, multiple customers have regrown hair in bald or thinning spots after taking KeraNew. The supplement doesn’t just claim to target dull or fragile hair; it can purportedly regrow hair in areas where your hair no longer grows, according to reviews posted online.

Kintsugi is a haircare company created by Paul Lindsey, the owner of a salon in Beverly Hills. Paul teamed up with two Beverly Hills-based cosmetic doctors to launch the hair care company. In addition to selling KeraNew, Kintsugi also sells its Amplifying Glaze, a hair care serum that enhances the fullness and volume of your hair.

You can take KeraNew on its own. Or, you can use it to complement the effects of the Amplifying Glaze.

According to the official website, each bottle of Kintsugi KeraNew is priced at around $78. You can buy the formula through or (which sells bottles at a discounted rate of $50 apiece). A 90-day moneyback guarantee backs all purchases.

How Does Kintsugi KeraNew Work?

Kintsugi KeraNew was developed with four main goals in mind. After taking two capsules of Kintsugi KeraNew daily, you can purportedly enjoy the following benefits, according to the official website:

  • ‘Silkify’ strands of hair for a soft, luxurious quality
  • Give hair a youthful sheen and luster
  • Promote the appearance of fuller, thicker, more voluminous hair
  • Help prevent damage from heat styling, pollution, and harsh weather
  • Just take two capsules of Kintsugi KeraNew daily with eight fluid ounces of water, once per day, to enjoy the benefits above.

Kintsugi KeraNew Ingredients

Many hair care supplements claim to strengthen and nourish your hair. However, not all supplements work as advertised. The best supplements use proven ingredients linked to real hair care results.

Some of the most important active ingredients in Kintsugi KeraNew include:

DFK-Glow: DFK-Glow is abundant in keratin, which is the protein that forms your hair. The DFK-Glow in KeraNew purportedly works with your body’s cellular chemistry to fight the look of breaking and splitting, making your hair look fuller and shinier.

Hydrolyzed Collagen: Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Your body uses collagen for muscles and joints, but it also uses collagen in your hair. Collagen gives your hair its structure. It’s like internal armor for your hair, working quickly to strengthen your strands to give you a smoother, healthier look.

Burdock Root: Burdock root is rich in antioxidants like quercetin and luteolin. These two ingredients can purportedly fight free radicals and environmental toxins, supporting circulation to your scalp. When your blood circulates to your scalp more easily, it facilitates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles. That means your scalp gets the protection and nourishment you need, helping your hair look better than ever.

Horsetail Powder: Horsetail powder has been used in hair health for centuries because it’s rich in silica and other hair fortifying minerals. The horsetail powder in KeraNew can purportedly help improve the appearance of thinning air, helping you look years younger. Kintsugi also claims the horsetail powder in their supplement can help support normal, balanced hormones, making your hair look better.

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid is found in many skin care products, and it’s best-known as a skin moisturizer. Some studies show that taking hyaluronic acid orally can support your skin from the inside out. Similarly, the hyaluronic acid in Kintsugi KeraNew can purportedly lubricate the connective tissues in your skin, helping to flood your scalp with essential moisture and create optimal conditions for full, healthy-looking skin.

Other Active Ingredients: Kintsugi KeraNew contains over a dozen active ingredients, including herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and more. Other key ingredients in the formula include bamboo extract, ginseng extract, saw palmetto extract, and aloe vera extract.


Kintsugi KeraNew Ingredients Label

Kintsugi discloses its full ingredients label and all dosages upfront, something we don’t always see with competing supplements. While some supplements hide ingredients behind proprietary formulas or opaque labels, Kintsugi has disclosed all ingredients and dosages upfront.


Most ingredients are found in relatively small dosages (25mg or less). However, here is the full list of ingredients and dosages within Kintsugi KeraNew:

  • 125mcg of vitamin D3 (1,250% DV)
  • 15mg of vitamin E (50% DV)
  • 25mg of niacin (125% DV)
  • 5mg of vitamin B6 (250% DV)
  • 2,500mcg of biotin (833% DV)
  • 15mg of pantothenic acid (150% DV)
  • 18mg of iron (100% DV)
  • 30mg of zinc (200% DV)
  • 500mg of Keraplast DFK Glow solubilized keratin
  • 100mg of hydrolyzed collagen types I and III
  • 50mg of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
  • 25mg of acerola cherry extract
  • 25mg of hyaluronic acid
  • 25mg of bamboo extract
  • 25mg of ginkgo biloba extract
  • 25mg of Panax ginseng extract
  • 25mg of saw palmetto extract
  • 25mg of burdock extract
  • 25mg of Moringa oleifera extract
  • 25mg of hibiscus flower extract
  • 25mg of aloe vera leaf extract
  • 25mg of ashwagandha powder
  • 25mg of nettle leaf powder
  • 3mg of horsetail extract

Other (inactive) ingredients include plant cellulose (to create the vegetable capsule) and rice flour, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide (as fillers, binders, and preservatives)

Scientific Evidence for Kintsugi KeraNew

Kintsugi KeraNew has not published any clinical trials or peer-reviewed research on Kintsugi KeraNew. However, Paul Lindsey, the creator of Kintsugi Amplifying Serum, claims he tested the serum on a group of volunteers from his clinic and observed a 100% success rate. KeraNew is designed to complement the effects of the Amplifying Serum, giving you fuller and more voluminous hair.

The biggest and most important ingredient in Kintsugi KeraNew is DFK-Glow, a proprietary formula from Keraplast Technologies. According to Kerablast Technologies, DFK-Glow is a special type of keratin specifically designed to be easy for your body to absorb. It’s bioactive, soluble, digestible, and backed by strong science and data.

Chemically, DFK-Glow very similar to human keratin. Studies show it can boost the production of the right collagen in the right place to repair wrinkles. Other studies have also shown it promotes and protects the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Your hair needs keratin for structure and support. DFK-Glow aims to give your hair the keratin it needs.

According to Kerablast Technologies, DFK-Glow directly stimulates taurine and glutathione. DFK-Glow includes cysteine sulfinic acid (which turns into cysteine, then glutathione) and cysteic acid (which turns into taurine). DFK-Glow also provides natural antioxidant protection through cysteine and taurine, helping defend your hair against environmental toxins and other pollutants. Keraplast Technologies is a biotech company headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company specializes in personal care and advanced wound healing.

KeraNew also contains a significant dose of vitamin D3 (1,250% of your daily value). Studies show that vitamin D deficiency is linked with hair loss. People who don’t get enough vitamin D per day tend to have more hair loss than people who get their recommended dose of vitamin D. One 2017 review published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences found that low vitamin D levels were linked to excess hair shedding (also known as telogen effluvium), alopecia areata (an autoimmune disorder where your hair falls out in clumps), and female pattern hair loss. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin D per day, it could contribute to your hair loss issues.

Many people take collagen supplements daily for skin and hair health. Studies show that collagen could promote healthy hair in multiple ways. Collagen, like most protein, consist of amino acids. Your body uses the amino acids in collagen to build hair proteins. It also strengthens your skin, including the skin containing your hair roots. By supporting skin health, collagen could help prevent hair follicle damage and graying.

Many people take biotin supplements daily for hair health, and KeraNew contains a significant dose of biotin. In this 2012 study, researchers gave biotin supplements to women with thinning hair for 90 days. After taking biotin for 90 days, researchers found significant hair growth in women with temporary hair thinning compared to a placebo group. After 180 days, researchers found improvements in hair shine, skin moisture retention, and skin smoothness, among other benefits. Each serving of KeraNew contains 2,500mcg of biotin or 833% of your daily value.

Plenty of studies have shown that collagen supplements can reduce the visible effects of skin aging. However, few studies have definitively connected collagen to hair quality or hair growth. In this 2014 study, for example, researchers gave participants a supplement with 5,000mg of hydrolyzed collagen per day, then observed significant improvements in skin health and quality over a 60 day period. KeraNew contains 100mg of collagen per serving, although it could support skin health (and scalp health) in a small way, helping to support hair growth.

Most nutritional supplements aren’t advertised as ways to reverse balding or regrow hair in places where hair has stopped growing. However, the Kintsugi KeraNew sales page is filled with claims from people whose hair has started to regrow in balding or thinning areas after taking KeraNew. There’s no evidence that any of the ingredients in Kintsugi KeraNew can reverse balding or help regrow hair in areas where hair has stopped growing, and Kintsugi provides no evidence supporting these claims.

Most of the other ingredients in Kintsugi KeraNew are herbal extracts found in doses of around 25mg. Many of these herbal extracts are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Antioxidants can support inflammation throughout your body by neutralizing free radicals. Inflammation is linked with disease. If you have high levels of inflammation, then it could be impacting hair health. The antioxidants in Kintsugi KeraNew can purportedly help, supporting blood flow and nourishing your hair from the inside out. Ingredients like hibiscus, ginseng, and acerola cherry have been used for centuries in medicines for their high levels of antioxidants.

Kintsugi KeraNew also contains adaptogens, which are ingredients that support your body’s stress response. Adaptogens like hibiscus and ashwagandha have been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Today, studies show that they physically and mentally support your body’s stress response. Some studies have linked stress to balding and hair loss. By supporting your body’s stress response, it’s possible the adaptogens in KeraNew can support hair growth in multiple ways.

Overall, Kintsugi KeraNew contains over a dozen ingredients linked to hair and skin health. By supporting the health of your skin, hair follicles, scalp, and hair proteins, KeraNew could support hair health in multiple ways. However, there’s little evidence that it can reverse balding or help hair regrow in bald spots, as suggested by customer reviews on the official website.

Kintsugi KeraNew Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Kintsugi KeraNew is a relatively new product, and there are few reviews online outside of the official website. However, the website has excellent reviews listed for the supplement.

According to the official website, most customers agree the formula works as advertised to strengthen and nourish their hair. In fact, some people even claim their hair has started to regrow in balding and thinning areas after taking KeraNew – a claim we rarely see with other supplements.

Overall, KeraNew has an average rating of 4.89 stars out of 5 on the official website based on 30+ reviews. Here are some of the things customers have to say about the formula:

Multiple reviewers claim KeraNew has started to regrow hair in bald and thinning spots. One customer claims to see “fuzz up the top of my head” after two weeks of using the formula, for example, suggesting that KeraNew has helped reverse a bald spot. Another customer reports seeing new hairs starting to appear on her hairline.

One man claims he has noticed significant benefits when taking Kintsugi KeraNew for his balding head, claiming the formula “has stimulated obvious growth of significant strong hair.” The difference is noticeable, and KeraNew is purportedly helping to regrow stronger, fuller, healthier hair.

One woman claims she has noticed a significant difference after 1.5 months of using the formula, claiming she sees “a lot of new hair coming in” after using the formula.

Other customers don’t use Kintsugi KeraNew for balding or thinning hair, but they use it for shinny and voluminous hair. One woman claims her hair is shinier and healthier-looking since she started using KeraNew, and that she receives many compliments.

The sales page includes reviews from both men and women. Some customers claim KeraNew reversed their balding and helped them regrow hair in bald spots on their scalp. Other customers report seeing healthier-looking hair after taking KeraNew regularly – even if they don’t have balding or thinning hair.

Kintsugi KeraNew Pricing

Kintsugi KeraNew is priced at $49.95 per bottle, although the price drops when ordering three or six bottles at once. Here’s how pricing breaks down:


1 Bottle: $49.95 + $4.95 Shipping

3 Bottles: $133.95 + Free US Shipping

6 Bottles: $253.95 + Free US Shipping

Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of 60 capsules. You take two capsules of Kintsugi KeraNew daily to support hair growth.

If you buy from, bottles are more expensive ($78 per bottle). The prices above are available through the special promotional offer at

Kintsugi KeraNew Refund Policy

Kintsugi backs up all KeraNew purchases with a 90-day money-back promise. You have three full months to try Kintsugi KeraNew. If you’re unhappy with the supplement’s effects, then send back the bottles (even the empty ones) for a complete refund of your purchase price.

About Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a hair care company founded by celebrity hairstylist Paul Lindsey. Paul is the owner of the No. 275 Salon in Beverly Hills, California. Paul has worked with celebrity clients and ordinary clients over the years. He used his expertise to create Kintsugi.

Paul also teamed up with two Beverly Hills cosmetic doctors to launch his Kintsugi lineup, including Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour.

You can contact Kintsugi via the following:


Phone: 1-800-935-4601

Email Form:

Physical Address: 275 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

In addition to KeraNew, Kintsugi is best-known for the Amplifying Glaze, a hair care serum that claims to make your hair look fuller and more voluminous.


Final Word

Kintsugi KeraNew is a haircare supplement that uses vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, keratin, and collagen to support hair growth in various ways.

Some people use KeraNew to support hair fullness, density, growth, and volume. According to the official website, some customers have also been able to regrow hair, reverse balding, and eliminate thinning hairlines after taking KeraNew.

To learn more about KeraNew and how it works, visit Each bottle of KeraNew is priced at around $50 and backed by a 90-day moneyback guarantee.

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