BioTrust Nutrition Joint 33X Review: Worth the Money or Not?

Activity-related joint pain prevents you from regular exercise, disrupts your sleep pattern, and affects your flexibility. Most people believe that it is “normal” to have joint pain as they age. However, you can protect your joints from occasional pain by remaining in good physical shape.

Anything that causes health issues to impact your joints. For example, some of the causes of joint pain include:

Obesity – As per the official Joint 33X page, an additional 10 pounds on your weight means your knees have to bear about 30 pounds of force in each step. Also, any extra fat in your body means more inflammation which can cause deterioration in joint health.

Poor Diet – The type of diet you consume has a direct impact on your joint health. This is because your joints require sufficient amounts of nutrients and minerals to remain in good health. Unfortunately, numerous individuals today consume processed foods that are low in nutrients.

High inflammation levels – According to Joint 33X, most Americans consume foods with high amounts of calories. In addition, a large percentage of Americans live a sedentary lifestyle which results in unhealthy inflammation levels subsequently affecting your joints.

Hormone Imbalance – Most people are surrounded by pollutants that cause hormonal imbalance. There are toxins in the air we breathe, foods we eat, products we use, and even water.

Misuses and Overuse – Most people unknowingly put a lot of stress on their joints through exercises and daily activities. Performing exercises incorrectly and physical activities such as gardening and lifting heavy objects strain the joints.

According to Joint 33X maker, customers should be aware of certain health supplements that claim to boost joint health. Currently, most joint supplements contain chondroitin and glucosamine. However, the Joint 33X manufacturer claims these nutrients cannot improve the health of your joints. As per the official Joint 33X page, a study indicates that consuming chondroitin and glucosamine for six months cannot reduce joint discomfort.

Similarly, other supplements such as collagen, CBD, and curcumin offer temporary pain relief without addressing the root cause of joint pain. In addition, other supplement companies use the right ingredients but in small quantities, which reduces their effectiveness. A perfect joint supplement must contain scientifically proven ingredients in their correct amounts.

Joint 33X developers claim that certain ingredients can significantly improve your joint health when taken in the correct form and amount. So why do these ingredients work well?

Reduction in collagen – According to Joint 33X maker, collagen is an essential protein found in your cartilage. The cartilage is the spongy tissue whose function is to cushion the ends of your bones where the joints meet. Without the cartilage, your bones would grind on each other when you move, causing pain and discomfort. However, modern lifestyle and dietary changes cause a decline in collagen, leading to joint pain. Therefore, by the time you get to your ‘middle-age,’ there is a sharp decline in collagen production.

Enzyme attack – 5-LOX (5-Lipoxygenase) and MMPs (matrix metalloproteinase) are enzymes that our bodies naturally produce in moderation. However, certain factors like changes in the diet and hormonal imbalance can make the enzymes run rampant. As a result, an increase in MMPs and 5-LOX can cause a reduction in cartilage and collagen, leading to poor joint health.

Reduction in lubrication

Without adequate lubrication, your joints become painful. Naturally, your joints use synovial fluid as a lubricant which prevents friction between bones when you move. However, when there is a reduction in cartilage, the synovial fluid decreases in quantity and quality.

What is Joint 33X?

Joint 33X is a dietary product from BioTRUST Company. BioTRUST is an American-based company that specializes in making nutritional supplements. Joint 33X dietary supplement utilizes three ingredients in creating an effective supplement that can improve your joint health. Similarly, the Joint 33X maker claims that this product can rehabilitate your injured joint tissue.

What is the science behind Joint 33X?

According to BioTRUST, Joint 33X supplements contain three vital constituents that address the root cause of joint pain and discomfort. The ingredients also improve the body’s immune response in fighting free radicals that cause joint inflammation. Additionally, Joint 33X components get absorbed in your body to increase the production of synovial fluids, thus enhancing flexibility and movement even in elderly folks.

Ingredients in Joint 33X dietary supplement that support joint health

According to BioTrust, the Joint 33X dietary supplement contains natural ingredients from organic sources. Additionally, all the ingredients in Joint 33X are free from harmful chemicals and GMOs. Also, the manufacturer purports that all capsules are made in a facility that maintains all health standards. The primary active components in Joint 33X dietary supplement include:

1. UCL Type 2 Collagen®

Type 2 collagen is essential in your system as it prevents friction between your bones. Joint 33X maker asserts that they use a special UC-II® that prompts a process called “oral tolerance.” Additionally, Joint 33CX maker claims that “Oral Tolerance” is a biological process that triggers the immune system to repair the joint cartilage independently. Unfortunately, you cannot get the required amounts of UC-II from the diet.

However, each Joint 33X serving offers you 40mg of UC-II, which is enough to improve joint health. As per the official Joint 33X website, individuals taking UC-II regularly for six months experienced a reduction in joint pain by up to 63% compared to the placebo group. Another group who consumed UC-II supplements showed more remarkable improvement in mobility and flexibility.

2. ApresFlex® (Boswellia Extract)

ApresFlex® is an effective extract from the Boswellia Serrata tree. Boswellia is a sweet-smelling tree whose medicinal values have been in use for thousands of years. According to Joint 33X maker, ApresFlex contains unique compounds that target enzymes that reduce collagen and cartilage levels. As a result, ApresFlex can protect your joints from inflammations that cause joint discomfort. Each Joint 33X serving provides you with 100mg of ApresFlex enough to inhibit the functions of MMP-3 AND 5-LOX enzymes.

3. Mobilee®

As per Joint 33X maker, Mobilee® is a patented ingredient that provides lubrication and reduces friction between bones. Mobilee is rich in hyaluronic acid, collagen, polysaccharides, and other compounds that enhance joint lubrication. Unfortunately, you must get Mobilee in supplement form as no food sources can give you enough of this ingredient. Each Joint 33X serving gives you 40mg of Mobilee.

According to Joint 33X maker, there have been more than ten scientific and clinical studies to test the effectiveness of Mobilee. Findings from one study indicate that Mobilee is five times more effective than any form of hyaluronic acid. Additionally, Mobilee can significantly reduce joint discomfort and improve muscle strength.

Why should you consume Joint 33X dietary supplements?

According to Joint 33X maker, this product can prevent and cure joint issues such as joint inflammations.

Joint 33X dietary capsules contain natural ingredients that can boost flexibility and mobility. Similarly, the Joint 33X maker asserts that all the ingredients are safe, non-addictive, and unlikely to cause severe side effects.

BioTRUST claims that Joint 33X ingredients transcend common joint health supplements to address the root cause of joint issues. There are components in Joint 33X that increase the quality and quantity of synovial fluid, reduce inflammations and nourish the joints.

  • Joint 33X aid in the production of collagen, which repairs damaged joint tissue, thus improving mobility.
  • Joint 33X can improve blood flow around the joints, thus nourishing the cells.

Do consumers need a Prescription?

Joint 33X dietary supplement is available without a prescription. However, Joint 33X maker recommends consulting your physician before taking this medication. Still, the manufacturer directs that you should take one capsule daily with enough water.

Joint 33X is not a product for women who are pregnant or nursing unless authorized by a doctor. Similarly, if you are allergic to chicken products, then Joint 33X can cause adverse reactions.

What are the disadvantages of Joint 33X?

Joint 33X contains chicken ingredients thus may not be suitable for people who are allergic to chicken products.

Joint 33X is only available on their official website. There are no physical stores and pharmaceuticals that are selling Joint 33X.

BioTRUST does not offer free Joint 33X samples.

Purchase BioTRUSTJoint 33X dietary supplement

You can only buy genuine Joint 33X dietary supplements from their official website. There, consumers will find the best discounts and a 60-day money-back guarantee, and free U.S. ground shipping, and free bonuses.

  • Buy One Bottle $34.00 Each
  • Three Bottles $29.00 Each
  • Six Bottles $24.00 Each

Free Bonuses with purchase;

  • Personal and live coaching from BioTRUST’s team of expert nutrition and health coaches
  • A report to discover effective foods to eat more of to improve your joint health

Contact BioTRUST by phone or email at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 800-766-5086
  • Company Address: BioTrust Nutrition LLC 500 Corporated Circle Suite G Golden, CO 80401


Joint health is crucial in facilitating mobility and flexibility. BioTRUST Joint 33X is a dietary formula that contains three patented ingredients, UC-II®, AprèsFlex®, and Mobilee® that can protect and rejuvenate your joints. In addition, Joint 33X maker claims that these capsules contain unique 3-in-1 patented ingredients that can address the root problems of joint issues, thus providing you with permanent joint health.

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