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The use of a hair growth supplement or hair care supplement is becoming increasingly common, and it can have a transformative effect on the user’s appearance. With the right remedy, consumers can get a revitalized and rejuvenated appearance, improving the strength of hair follicles from within. Some topical remedies help as well, but not all of these products are based on legitimate science.

To educate consumers a little more clearly, this guide goes through many of the supplements and other products on the market that have a positive effect on the growth of hair.

Ranking the Best Hair Growth Vitamins

After reviewing many ingredients lists and scientific evidence behind the remedies, the top products that are featured on this list include:

  • Hair La Vie
    • Hair La Vie Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins
    • Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins
    • Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment
  • Essential Elements Hair Hero
  • Folital
  • Hair Revital X
  • Hers
  • Hims
  • Har Vokse
  • Foligray
  • Nutrafol
    • Nutrafol Men
    • Nutrafol Women
  • Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze
  • Kintsugi KeraNew
  • Viviscal
  • Profollica
  • Restolin
  • Divine Locks
  • Revifol
  • Procerin
  • Folexin
  • Valotin

Read on below to learn more about each of these supplements and what they can do for consumers.

Hair La Vie

The top product on this list is Hair La Vie. Rather than just one formula, this brand is a line of different hair care products used topically to improve the hair (like shampoos and serums). The remedies need to be used daily to see the promised results.

These products specifically target women who want to improve the rate of growth, strength, and youthfulness in their hair. Some of the top products from the brand include Foundation Collagen Elixir, the Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins, PhytoCera, and the Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins.

Along with the hair care remedies, the company provides users with topical remedies like Lash24, the Renewing Growth Treatment, the No. 77 Leave-In, and the Hair La Vie hair mask. However, this is not the complete line. The remedies range from $9.99 to $89.99.

Hair La Vie’s Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins

image 9

Though Hair La Vie is already on this list, their Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins stand alone as a great product. This formula focuses on repairing and growing the hair in a much healthier way, using entirely natural ingredients.

Users will only need to take one capsule with breakfast and one with dinner, providing all-day support. This formula is meant to improve hair growth. The remedy is made with natural ingredients, including saw palmetto, organic kelp, horsetail herb, and bamboo leaves. The total cost is just $39.99.

Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

image 7

Hair La Vie makes yet another appearance on this list with their Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins, helping users to get even more nutrients. This supplement can help users to enhance the efforts of any hair growth remedy, supporting natural improvements.

The ingredients include amla berry, Reishi mushroom, vitamin E, saw palmetto, and hydrolyzed collagen, though several other ingredients are also involved. It works to improve the rejuvenation of hair, and it can make users look years younger. The total cost is $59.99.

Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment

image 8

Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment allows consumers to get a concentrated formula from a brand that is already so good that it has been on this list multiple times. The serum focuses on supporting the hair and scalp, working much faster as a topical product. The creators even advertised that this remedy provides improved volume and hydration to the hair. In fact, the company promises that users will experience fewer tangles right away.

At $34.99, the treatment only uses natural ingredients like Ecklonia cava, Capauxein G2, Capixyl, AquaCat, and Procataline. Each one has a unique way of supporting the growth of hair.

Essential Elements Hair Hero

image 2

Essential Elements Hair Hero is a nutritional supplement, and many of the ingredients that the brand uses are like the hair vitamins offered by Hair La Vie (which are the next product on this list). Often referred to as HH, Hair Hero offers consumers a blend of bamboo, horsetail, and saw palmetto extracts that are combined with biotin and collagen.

Daily use is meant to promote hair growth since the hair becomes revitalized with the use of necessary vitamins and minerals. It is sold only by Essential Elements and only costs $29.99 for a one-month supply.


image 5

Folital is another completely natural remedy, providing users with nourishment to strengthen their hair follicles. The user will need to take the remedy daily, and every serving is a mix of more ingredients than any other remedy in this guide.

The formula takes on the role of a multivitamin for the user, helping first to promote better health. Then, the creators claim that the supplement can help consumers defend themselves from hair loss while also detoxifying the hair and reducing inflammation within the hair cells. By nourishing the hair and the scalp, the strands can absorb more nutrients. To get a full bottle, the total cost is $69.

Hair Revital X

image 10

Hair Revital X is a remedy from Zenith Labs, and it focuses entirely on keeping the balance of DHT within the body. DHT is the hormone that signals hair loss, and reducing the impact will reduce loss to promote better thickness. It also reduces the risk of receding hairlines and provides support for the hair follicles.

This system is a combination of two products – a topical serum and an oral supplement. The formula seems only to take a few weeks to make a difference, and it was formulated by a doctor. The total cost is $59.


image 12

Hers specializes in improving the health of women’s hair, reducing their hair loss with researched ingredients. The official website offers several different formulas, including a minoxidil formula, a Salon Strength System, a Complete Hair Kit, and a Weekender Kit. The brand is also responsible for offering topical remedies, including Rapid Repair Masks, Detox Scalp Scrubs, and Conditioners.

Consumers that want to support their hair with oral supplements will find that they can order biotin gummies. Consumers seem to have a remedy available for everything that can improve their hair, including support for strength, repair, and regrowth. The prices range from $20 to $80.


image 13

Hims has many products that are like the sister brand above. The treatments they provide are specifically catered to men instead. However, they still provide users with the option of minoxidil in many supplements, which is the only FDA-approved medication that does not require a prescription for her improvements. There are multiple combo packages available with this brand, which can help consumers to save money on their overall purchases. Interestingly, they even provide the same type of gummies catered to men’s hair health, falling in a balance between $20 and $80.

Har Vokse

image 11

Har Vokse helps consumers to improve their hair growth during different stages of progress. The natural remedy rejuvenates the hair with marine protein, setting itself apart from most other products on this list. It also provides users with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Users will need to take the formula daily to get the protection and fortification that Har Vokse can offer.

This remedy also sets itself apart by being one of the few supplements on the list to help regrow lost hair. It also prevents further hair loss and provides users with a money-back guarantee that lasts for the first 60 days. The total cost of this supplement is $59.95.


image 4

Foligray provides the users with ingredients like folic acid, copper, and biotin to keep the hair healthy and maintain its natural pigment. While the majority of these formulas primarily focus on regrowth and improved thickness. This is one of the few products that specifically zeroes in on pigmentation.

The reason that this formula is so effective is because of an enzyme called catalase. The production of catalase can decrease as the individual gets older. It is necessary to maintain the pigment in the hair, preventing gray and white hairs from arising. The total cost of this formula is $28.95.


image 18

Nutrafol is a line of multiple hair care products that cater to both men and women. While the formulas may be separated, every remedy focuses on the health of the entire body rather than just the hair. By improving this health, the hair can grow more easily. For women, there is a postpartum remedy, as well as a standard women’s regrowth product. For men, there is seemingly one product that is specifically geared to them. All of the remedies from this brand specifically help users to regrow their hair while addressing the unique needs of the body.

Based on clinical trials, every single woman who tried these products experienced improved hair growth. Furthermore, increased thickness, strength, and softness were experienced by 84% of the people who use it, while her quality seemingly improved on 83% of men. Currently, over 350 salons in the world specifically use Nutrafol products, and the company has received a lot of positive attention from the media in the last few years. They are one of the companies on the list with the longest time in the industry, and their remedies fall between $59 and $79.

Nutrafol Men

image 16

Nutrafol Men provides men with more thickness in their hair and fewer sparse areas on their scalp. The formula claims to get down to the main reason that hair thins in the first place, which includes stress, hormones, and bad dietary choices. However, unlike some products that do the same, it will not negatively impact the user’s sexual performance.

Notably, there is no other formula on this list that classifies itself as a medical-grade formula, providing the user with natural ingredients that will support their entire body as well. It also won the 2019 Esquire Grooming award, and it is recommended by dermatologists as one of the top-rated formulas on the market. The total cost is $79.

Nutrafol Women

image 17

Nutrafol Women is another product that only focuses on the benefits that it provides women. It won the 2018 Best of Beauty Breakthrough award (thanks to Allure Magazine), and it has repeatedly been praised by dermatologists. Over 80% of women experienced both hair growth and better hair quality after trying out this remedy.

Like a few of the products on this list, users will get marine collagen, ashwagandha, and tocotrienol complex to improve their hair; while some of the formulas are specifically meant to improve the amount of stress that consumers experience, others work to support the protein needed to grow hair properly. The total cost of this formula is $79.

Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze

image 14

Kintsugi’s Amplifying Glaze was only recently launched this year as a serum for her support. With vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, the serum isn’t heavy, and it provides a nourishing texture with a flexible hold. It also improves thickness, makes the hair look fuller, and improves volume. The treatment seems to work as an all-in-one remedy, supporting every single strand.

To achieve this effect, the glaze offers marine extracts, therapeutic protein compounds, and polymers to support the hair. It nourishes the scalp as well, helping users to get better growth from the follicle to the end of the hair. It even eliminates dullness. The total cost of this serum is $68.

Kintsugi KeraNew

image 15

KeraNew establishes Kintsugi as a two-time company on the list. However, rather than treating the hair topically, this remedy is an oral supplement that works within the body. Users can take the supplement each day to reduce the aged appearance of their hair while improving the amount of protein it offers. It supports the scalp’s health all the way to the strand of her to make sure that your follicle is strengthened easily.

This formula is rather expensive, costing $78 per bottle. In fact, that price is why it is one of the most expensive items on the list. Still, it provides a silkiness to the hair but is not like any other product, making it look fuller and thicker. Plus, users won’t have to change any of their routines to create this effect.


image 24

Viviscal provides support for both men and women to improve their hair, only taking about 90 days to achieve the desired effect. It also has ten clinical trials to back up the effects it provides, which easily sets it apart from the majority of other remedies on this list. In the clinical trials, over 92% of participants experienced better hair thickness within 90 days. It also increased the number of hairs and reduced shedding.

There are already many before and after photos on the official website to show consumers how much better the hair looks on men and women when they use this treatment. It nourishes at all four stages of hair growth, and there is an entire line of products that are both oral supplements and topical treatments that fits anyone’s routine. The total cost is $40.


image 20

Profollica provides consumers with the opportunity to purchase a remedy more locally with many major retailers, including Walmart. It can even be found on Amazon and other online stores, treating individuals that have experienced hair loss and want to improve regrowth.

The creators behind this remedy claim that it works for 90% of men, and they’ve also put it through testing to ensure these types of results. The formula requires the use of a serum and a supplement simultaneously, targeting hair growth from within and externally. Users will get many important ingredients, including vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, iodine, niacin, manganese, water, ginkgo biloba, and many other important nutrients for the health of the hair.

Profollica is one of the few hair growth formulas on this list sold at Walmart and other major in-store retailers. You can also buy it through Amazon and other major websites. Profollica is marketed as a hair loss remedy that slows down overall hair loss in men, improves hair regrowth, and lowers overall hair loss. The total cost of this formula is $75.95.


image 21

Restolin provides users with natural ingredients that can improve hair growth, thanks to creator William Anderson. William says that he experienced his own incredible results when he used the remedy, encouraging him to launch it to consumers everywhere. The remedy is composed of many important ingredients, including vitamin C, vitamin E, beta glucan, pine bark, easy Essiac tea, quercetin, and lycopene.

By providing the body with antioxidants, users can neutralize free radicals that can otherwise impede growth. The total cost of this formula is $69.

Divine Locks

image 1

Divine Locks is one of the formulas that targets a specific area in the hair follicle that is supposed to improve growth – the dermal papillae. According to the creators, this area of the hair follicle is the reason that consumers deal with thinning and hair loss, though other issues can impact it. The formula includes MSM, biotin, selenium, astaxanthin, and hyaluronic acid to achieve these effects. While some of the ingredients included are specifically there to moisturize the hair, others eliminate toxins from within. The total cost of this formula is $39.


image 22

Revifol helps consumers to improve their hair growth from the follicle, claiming that it can even regrow hair in areas that are currently bald. Most other support brands do not provide such a claim. The website features many before and after pictures, showing the bald spots of some of the users alongside their results. It is rather expensive at $69 per bottle, but there are multiple testimonials on the official website to show the experience of other customers.


image 19

Procerin focuses on helping men with male pattern baldness. According to the official website, it only takes a few weeks to work, but there are multiple products in the lineup. The formula includes a serum to nourish the scalp and a shampoo that does the same. Users can purchase an oral supplement to promote this regrowth as well.

For individuals trying to reverse their hair loss, we’ll get an array of ingredients that specifically inhibit the production of DHT to reduce loss. The company offers a clinical trial that they use to show the success of their product so far, but they also have a return policy for the first 90 days of use to ensure that every customer is satisfied or refunded. The total costs of this formula are $49.99.


image 3

Folexin Focuses on improving healthy hair with vitamins and minerals, among other herbal extracts. The purpose is to strengthen her and make it appear more radiant without damaging the normal growth that it experiences. Users only need a couple of capsules a day, but users are most likely to see an effect within the first few weeks of use.

None of the vitamins and minerals should seem unfamiliar, considering that they are all found in other supplements on this list. However, there is a proprietary blend, which means that users won’t know exactly how much of each of these ingredients is included. It nourishes through three hair growth stages, and it only costs $24.95 to put a little less stress on the customer’s bank account.


image 23

Valotin rounds out this list of our top hair care products rather than just one formula. The supplement provides users with nourishment for hair growth, though it can be used in conjunction with the shampoo, conditioner, and serum. Based out of Virginia, users can then purchase bundles for as little as $50, which is much less costly than some other brands on the list. Users will get Vitamin A, vitamin B1, biotin, zinc, PABA, saw palmetto, and other familiar ingredients in the supplement to promote growth. The company is clear about every ingredient it uses, and the formulas range from $19.99 to $89.99.

How the Top Hair Growth Formulas Were Ranked

To provide consumers with a bit of direction in these supplements, this guide considered certain factors to ensure that only the top products were included. The following metrics had to be met to qualify.

Ingredients That Truly Work

The majority of the supplements on this list have ingredients that are proven to work. They’ve gone through human and animal testing, showing consistently that they have lasting results. Other brands use ingredients that don’t have consistent results or have not been proven.

Transparent Benefits

The advertising for each of the products has to be honest. Certain regulations have been established to prevent legitimate brands from claiming to offer cures or medicinal benefits, but that hasn’t stopped them from making impossible promises. Some even claim that users will have hair that is 20 years younger in just one night. Supplement companies that were chosen for this list do not include dishonest claims.

Balding Reversal

No matter how good a supplement may be, it cannot act as a miracle cure. No remedy corrects balding overnight, but they can support the growth from the current hair follicles. Baldness cannot be cured, and a supplement cannot force dead or dormant follicles to grow hair. Luckily, the use of topical remedies with minoxidil are incredibly helpful.

Price & Value

Everyone has a price that they are willing to spend on restoring their hair. Some people prefer to spend no more than $20, while others may be comfortable with $100 or more. This list includes a large variety of options for consumers of all price ranges.

Real Evidence

Though the ingredients have to be proven to work, there are some ingredients that have the support of clinical trials and positive customer experiences. Companies that have limited details and even zero studies on the ingredients used simply were not included. With more evidence, supplements rank even higher.

Ingredient Transparency

Supplements that aim to provide consumers with nourishment for their hair but are unclear about what they offer were not found on this list. Knowing what is going into or onto the body is crucial for making a decision. Some companies even say that the ingredients are natural, though there is no evidence to back it up. Other brands don’t put enough of the ingredients to help.

Manufacturer Reputation

Companies had to have a good reputation for successful remedies, but they also need a good reputation amongst their customers. Having a good track record is essential to being established in the market, and companies that didn’t have at least a reputation didn’t meet the criteria for this guide.

Moneyback Guarantee

Every person reacts differently to these types of supplements, and most companies understand that customers may be disappointed if they don’t get results fast. Companies with a money-back guarantee ensure that customers aren’t stuck with a lost investment if it doesn’t work out.

Who Should Take a Hair Growth Supplement?

Hair growth supplements and topical remedies can provide support for nearly anyone. While most men opt for a hair supplement to help them to defend themselves against balding, women tend to use these remedies to thicken their hair and promote luminosity. Many people focus on using a hair supplement to fix their hair problems, but there are plenty of users with perfectly healthy and beautiful hair that use them as well.

Typically, the users of hair growth supplements include:

  • Men who see signs of baldness by their 20s and 30s.
  • Men of all ages that want to restore the former glory of their hair when they were younger.
  • People who have a receding hairline or noticeable baldness.
  • Women who have bald spots or thin hair.
  • Anyone who wants to improve the brightness and luminosity of hair.
  • Anyone who wants to improve fullness but doesn’t want the dangers of medication, surgery, hair plugs, and other invasive treatments.

Hair loss is common, which is why the fact that so many people can take these types of supplements is so beneficial.

Potential Side Effects of Hair Growth Supplements

By introducing any hair growth supplement, consumers should always be careful about what they decide to put in their body. Since natural ingredients are used in all of these formulas, users should experience no side effects, which is great news for anyone that wants to have improvement. However, users must focus on taking the supplement as the directions indicate to eliminate the risk.

Topical treatments are also not associated with any side effects. However, if the user decides to take on a cheap supplement or topical treatment instead, it is possible that these ingredients can irritate the scalp and hair. Always choose a top-rated product, and this entire list has great options for consumers.

Furthermore, individuals with a medical condition or a medication that they ordinarily take should speak with a doctor before investing in a product.

Scientific Evidence Behind Hair Growth Supplement Ingredients

Anytime an individual chooses to deal with their hair loss or thinning with the use of a supplement, it may sound like a strange solution. However, the nutrients and vitamins offered in this type of remedy can be beneficial. Some of the ingredients found in these supplements can make it easier to improve hair growth.

Biotin is one of the more popular ingredients for hair health supplements since it is the building block of hair (as well as the skin and nails). The body needs these nutrients to improve growth, and there have been multiple studies on their use. One of those studies in 2012 examined consumers’ reactions for up to 180 days to see how it improved their hair. After that time ended, they saw better volume, better coverage for the entire scalp, better moisture and shine, and better smoothness in the skin. Consumers during this study had no side effects.

In a separate study in 2017, researchers decided that more research is needed before a determination is made. However, many people will choose to take biotin supplements to help with their hair and nails, thanks to all of the support that the B vitamin provides.

Zinc is another common mineral to use for hair loss, providing the body with nourishment for the immune system. Zinc is so directly correlated to hair growth and loss that the zinc plasma in the body can be used to predict how the hair loss will be for consumers. Using zinc supplements provides users with the need for metalloenzyme, which is why it works for the metabolism as well. It also is necessary to the hair growth cycle of the follicles. According to a 2020 study, zinc levels have a 72.3% correlation to the quality of hair.

Copper doesn’t have quite the same amount of research and evidence to show the connection between hair growth that zinc offers. However, researchers have predominantly found that using copper and zinc together can help users reduce the risk of any deficiencies and improve the body. However, copper has a much less drastic effect when an individual already has a balanced diet.

Herbal extracts like horsetail can be helpful to individuals who want to improve their hair. This extract has been through several studies to show that it inhibits the enzymes that can cause oxidation. It has tons of nutrients that benefit the body, including silica, which helps with hair growth. However, every study has not backed up the idea that users can improve their hair with horsetail.

Collagen has plenty of research to back it up, and it is already found in the body in abundant amounts. There are many supplements for hair growth that include it as an essential nutrient, but there’s not much evidence to back it up for hair growth. Using collagen can help with skin health, which means that there’s a chance that it will nourish the scalp. If hair improves, it is a welcomed side effect.

So far, there are only two medications that the Food and Drug Administration has approved to help consumers to improve their hair growth – minoxidil and finasteride. However, finasteride requires a prescription. Neither of these formulas are supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Growth Supplements

How much hair does the average person lose every day?

Most people lose up to 150 hairs each day. This loss is completely natural, and it doesn’t mean that the individual is going bald. However, if consumers ever worry that they are losing much more hair, they may want to speak with a doctor.

How many hair follicles are on an individual’s head?

Most people have approximately 100,000 hair follicles.

Is it true that the genes for baldness are inherited from the mother?

No. This is a complete myth. Baldness can come from either side of the family. Take a look at relatives on both sides to see if you are predisposed to baldness. However, this family history doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the individual will be bald.

Is hair loss a symptom of a disease or medical condition?

It could be either. Speaking with a medical professional will provide a bit of clarity. However, some of the conditions that typically have hair loss as a symptom include thyroid disease and anemia, though there are other conditions that apply as well.

What should a consumer do if they experience random hair loss that seems to have no cause?

While most people would gravitate towards a general doctor in these instances, seeking out help from a dermatologist can be more effective. Dermatologists specifically have the education and experience to help with hair, skin, and nails.

What are the growth phases that the hair goes through?

There are three phases – anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen phase is an active phase of growth. In the catagen phase, the hair begins to break down. The resting phase is known as the telogen phase. Anytime an individual loses hairs, they slowly shed through the catagen or telogen phases.

How long will hair typically last on the head?

Most hairs last for about three years before they eventually fall off. The hair that falls off for these reasons is in the anagen phase.

How much of the hair that consumers currently have on their heads is in the telogen phase?

Lasting for about three months, the telogen phase covers about 10% of the hairs on their head. This phase will eventually lead to the hairs falling out.

Is hair growth influenced by factors like stress, lifestyle, and other life events?

Absolutely. Lifestyle facts and sudden/stressful events can interrupt the typical growth of hair. In fact, sudden events that put the body through a lot of stress can cause up to 30% of strands on the individual’s scalp to reach the telogen phase. This phase can cause substantial baldness all over the scalp. Premature hair loss can also be caused by hormonal changes (like childbirth), illness (like high fever), sudden physical changes (like weight loss, crash dieting, and stress), and surgery.

What is androgenic alopecia?

Androgenic alopecia is the medical term for anyone who experiences male pattern baldness. Medical professionals often associate it with genetic causes and a family history of male pattern baldness. Originally, androgenic alopecia was only a condition that professionals believed would impact men, but it now is recognized in all genders.

Is it possible for chemicals and shampoos to be the cause of hair loss?

At this time, regular shampooing is not linked to hair loss, though it can cause strands to fall out sooner than were already prepared to come out. Hair loss is also not caused by treatments like conditioning, perming, and coloring with chemicals.

Are certain hairstyles more likely to cause hair loss?

Sometimes. Pulling hair up tight can cause hair loss over time, though most loose styles do not have this effect.

Why does hair loss occur?

Hair loss is primarily caused by hereditary factors. These genes are inherited by about 50% of men and 25% of women, leading to baldness by either gender.

If an individual does not get surgery, is it possible to regain their lost hair?

There are only two drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat male pattern baldness – Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride). Both of these treatments can be found at pharmacies and local stores, though only Propecia will require prior authorization and a prescription from a doctor.

Will stress cause hair loss?

It is possible that hair will fall out as a result of stress. Anytime an individual experiences stress, their body naturally releases cortisol. Cortisol impacts many parts of the body, including the digestive system, immune system, and hair growth.

How does the everyday consumer treat hair loss?

When male pattern baldness occurs, it is typically irreversible. Some people prefer to use supplements or topical products to help nourish the remaining hair that they have. Hair replacement surgery is also an option.

Why does hair become thinner?

Thinning is much different than complete hair loss. It can be caused by medical conditions, but it can also be the result of stress, genetics, age, diet, and other concerns in their lifestyle.

How quickly will hair grow?

The average person’s hair grows at a rate of 0.2 to 0.7 inches monthly. There are some factors that can influence the speed, like gender, age, and lifestyle. Typically, men’s hair grows faster than the hair of women.

How does a hair growth supplement help the user?

This type of formula is often a combination of vitamins, minerals, plants, herbs, and other extracts. The purpose of the ingredients is to support the user’s hair growth and hair structure. Some of these remedies eliminate inflammation and oxidation that could negatively influence the health of the hair. Some of these supplements promise to improve growth as low as the follicles.

What is Viviscal?

Viviscal promotes hair growth with 25 years of research to back it up. The dual-action hair care system is one of the top products on the market today, thanks to the development of a reputable remedy.

What are the best vitamins to reduce hair loss?

Based on recent studies, the vitamins that consumers should look for are vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, and some B vitamins.

What are the best minerals to help consumers with hair loss?

Copper, zinc, and iron are all relatively helpful to individuals working on hair growth, based on the current studies on the market.

How frequently should consumers shampoo their hair to keep it healthy?

Shampooing no less than once a week is recommended. This cleansing treatment is necessary to remove styling products and dead skin cells that build up on the scalp and hair.

What is the top reason that most people experience hair loss?

Androgenic alopecia – or genetic reasons – is the leading reason that consumers lose their hair.

What is the second-most common reason for hair loss?

While genetics can contribute, age is the other common factor of hair loss.

Do hair growth supplements actually work?

The experience of consumers varies. Many of these supplements can help consumers improve their hair growth with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. While they are not considered to be medical treatments under the eyes of the Food and Drug Administration, they can be helpful. Still, if the user has experienced hair loss or balding, these supplements do not typically reverse these problems.

Will shaving hair increase its growth?

At this time, there is no scientific evidence behind this myth, even though it has been perpetuated for quite a long time.

How long will users have to incorporate a hair supplement to see results?

Most supplement companies say that users need to take their formula for 90 days to make a difference. However, some of the brands on this list only take a few weeks to notice a change. Topical products often claim faster results, taking days or even hours to change the texture and thickness of hair.

What can users do to stop hair loss?

Hair loss is tough to stop once it is triggered. The use of hair supplements and hair loss products can be beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Many people experience hair loss at some point in their life, regardless of gender. While the issue can be a rather sensitive concern, there are many supplements on this list that eliminate the need to speak with a medical professional about the loss. Each one has helpful qualities, though it is up to the user to decide which one will work best for their needs. Here is our top-ranked supplements:

Whether the individual is trying to protect themselves from hair loss or improve their current hair health, there’s a remedy available.

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