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This relates to the era BP (in advance of pandemic), when persons utilized to meet up with confront to confront! Jadodhar Mattotar (name improved), at 77, is a youthful old guy. Attired in brightly coloured T-shirts, and with hair dyed, he receives up at 5 am and sets off for a brisk 6-km stroll. Fit as a fiddle, he is amiable and pleasant and has a face like that of the Laughing Buddha. He is colourful, not only in his attire but also in his wayward methods!

Residing at a stone’s toss from my household, he typically dropped in at my position many an night (in advance of the pandemic) with no recognize, but would not accept even a cup of tea even with my supply. He used to enquire immediately after my health, which experienced been indifferent for fairly some time then, and left when he realized it was time to go away, which I believe, he could divine from my facial expressions.

One particular day, I instructed him of an additional pal of mine who experienced similarities galore with him. He listened to the narration with amusement.

Anil Prakash Bhatnagar (name not altered), now settled in Gurugram, had been a year senior to me in the IPS. The moment, at a get-alongside one another, as he waved his hand to make a issue, my eyes caught sight of his palm. A luck-line jogging deep and extensive from the mount of Luna to the mount of Saturn struck me. I right away mentioned it to him expressing tongue-in-cheek: ‘Bhatnagar saheb, you have a potent luck-line your rise would be phenomenal, irrespective of your deserves!’ He took the remark sportingly and fairly corroborated me: ‘Yes, I experienced a 3rd division in BSc, and still I obtained chosen for the IPS.’

Emboldened, I extra: ‘You have a few assets which are the vital to your results and which make you what you are!’

‘What do you think I am?’ he requested me with a wide grin.

‘First, massively common with girls,’ I flattered him. His eyes gleamed with pleasure. ‘You also have the present of the gab,’ I extra. ‘And you are social and amiable.’

‘Are you major?’ he questioned me with an noticeable glee.

‘You know I am,’ I replied.

‘What about the a few belongings?’ he preferred to hear about them way too.

‘They are gol chehra, gora rang and mota chasma,’ I mentioned with a twinkle in my eyes. He appeared mighty happy.

‘The spectacles make you seem intellectual,’ I mentioned. ‘Why say they make me seem? Am I not truly intellectual?’ he countered smilingly, more in zest than in anger.

Avoiding any risk, I conceded the level. And the assembly ended on a pleasurable note.

In some cases, I would like, I as well could be as jolly, social and cheerful as Jadodhar Mattotar and Anil Prakash Bhatnagar.