11 positive aspects of hyaluronic acid for the encounter and body

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that happens by natural means in the entire body, which includes the skin, eyes, and joints. The most important operate of hyaluronic acid is to supply humidity to these regions of the physique.

Hyaluronic acid performs a essential function in pores and skin humidity. As people age, the humidity in their pores and skin decreases, so some individuals decide on to just take supplemental hyaluronic acid.

This could be in the kind of oral nutritional supplements, topical lotions, serums, or even injections.

This posting presents 11 evidence-backed positive aspects of using hyaluronic acid for the facial area and physique. It clarifies how usually a particular person can use hyaluronic acid and discusses types and side consequences.

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A lot of persons use hyaluronic acid to hydrate their pores and skin. Men and women can take hyaluronic acid as a dietary supplement, or they can utilize it topically as a cream.

Hyaluronic acid can increase pores and skin moisture and improve the high-quality of everyday living for people with dry skin.

A person 2014 review associated feminine individuals making use of topical hyaluronic acid as a lotion, serum, and cream. The study results shown an enhance of pores and skin hydration of up to 96% just after 8 months of use across the distinct varieties.

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Hyaluronic acid allows the pores and skin retain dampness and can help the tissue regeneration procedure involved in healing wounds.

A single 2016 study proposed that making use of hyaluronic acid to the pores and skin to heal wounds can assist ease irritation and regulate tissue repair service.

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When a human being encounters variations in their skin, it can have an adverse psychosocial impression. This can take place throughout the aging procedure.

An older analyze observed that hyaluronic acid can enable minimize the roughness of a person’s skin and improve skin elasticity.

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About 50% of the body’s complete hyaluronic acid is existing in the pores and skin. Improvements in this sum, perhaps thanks to UV publicity, can lead to the formation of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid can significantly decrease the depth of wrinkles and increase skin firmness and elasticity.

Just one 2014 analyze concerned gals implementing hyaluronic acid topically, two times each day, for 8 weeks.

The research claimed up to a 40% minimize in the depth of wrinkles and an up to 55% raise in pores and skin firmness and elasticity compared with participants who did not utilize the acid.

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The eyes contain significant concentrations of hyaluronic acid.

As a result, eye drops containing hyaluronic acid can assist to address signs and symptoms of dry eyes.

A 2019 review observed that using a blend of oral and topical hyaluronic acid eased symptoms of dry eye in contributors.

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Vaginal dryness generally affects girls next menopause. It can impact a person’s quality of life.

1 2016 analyze located that a mixture of hyaluronic acid product and an estrogen cream served to relieve signs and symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Scientists also mentioned that hyaluronic acid was the a lot more powerful of the two. So persons who can not use hormonal cure, these kinds of as estrogen cream, could use hyaluronic acid alone to enable ease symptoms.

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How generally a particular person can use hyaluronic acid will count on the style.

Normally, a person can use skincare products and solutions that contain hyaluronic acid twice a day, but it is critical to go through the directions as products and solutions will vary.

Hyaluronic acid is obtainable in a wide range of various kinds.


Hyaluronic acid tablets have revealed efficacy for treating quite a few concerns, like:

Men and women really should speak to their physician or one more healthcare qualified right before working with any form of supplements, as they may perhaps interact with other medications.


Topical hyaluronic acid can occur in the pursuing kinds:

Hyaluronic acid can help maximize dampness stages in the pores and skin and lessen indicators of growing old.


Due to the fact the overall body creates hyaluronic acid in a natural way, the odds of a particular person obtaining an allergic reaction are very low.

Hence, hyaluronic acid in injection sort can have a selection of takes advantage of. It can have health care and beauty reasons.

One particular beauty intent for hyaluronic acid is fillers, including facial and lip fillers. A dermatologist injects hyaluronic acid into the lips to give them a plumper overall look.

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Folks applying hyaluronic acid frequently normally report pretty couple side outcomes. This is almost certainly mainly because the human body produces hyaluronic acid normally, which signifies there is minor hazard of allergic reactions.

1 2012 examine concerned members getting oral hyaluronic acid for 12 months. They reported zero facet consequences.


An more mature short article noted that injectable hyaluronic acid could bring about adverse consequences. Even so, these outcomes tend to be thanks to the injection alone rather than the hyaluronic acid. Adverse consequences might incorporate:

Pregnancy or breastfeeding

People today acquiring an injection of hyaluronic acid need to speak with their healthcare provider if they program on turning out to be expecting or are breastfeeding.

There is at the moment not plenty of proof to point out the impression on a fetus or new child.

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Persons may be knowledgeable of the added benefits of hyaluronic acid as an ingredient in skincare but may well not be knowledgeable of its flexibility.

Utilizing hyaluronic acid supplements or topical items can assistance men and women preserve a youthful visual appearance and deal with many signals of growing old. However, it can also enable address some clinical circumstances, this kind of as vaginal dryness or joint pain.

People today ought to consult a healthcare skilled in advance of getting nutritional supplements. They ought to make sure that any provider of injectable hyaluronic acid has registered with the ideal governing bodies.